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Professional Diploma in Sports Management 

2 March 2024
6 Months
Diploma in Sports Management
Graduation in any field


  • 6 Months Professional Diploma Program in Sports Management in association with Protouch Sports

  • Class Type: Online

  • Upskill, Learn and Network

  • In-Depth Understanding of the Sports Ecosystem

  • Learn about Humanising Sports, Sports Medicine, Funding, Spectator Management and more

Eligibility Criteria

The course is designed for any sports enthusiast who would want to explore a career or upskill himself/herself in the field of sports.

Graduation in any field.

Highlights from the Course

Learn how to combine management skills with HR skills in a corporate field and practical exposure in   the field of sports and management. The highlights from the curriculum are as follows.

  • Management Training & Conditioning

  • Computer systems for Facilities Planning & Management

  • Humanising Sports

  • Financial Management & Accounting

  • Basics of Sports Medicine & Nutrition

  • Marketing Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Basics of Assessment in Psychology

  • Spectator Management & Funding

  • Law and Risk Management

  • Sports Communication

  • Industrial Relations or Funding in Sports

  • Law and Risk Management

  • Managing Sports Organization

  • Officiating and Coaching & Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education

Career Prospects

India is home to major sports and games in the world. From football to cricket, from chess to kabaddi, India has been highlighted in the global platforms multiple times. The sports industry has witnessed humongous growth over the years and that has brought in tremendous opportunities too for sports enthusiasts. If you want to get into an enthralling and exciting career, the sports industry is an ideal and unique choice for you.

  • Business Development

  • Sports Event Management

  • Sports Facility Management

  • Sports Tourism

  • Sports Education

  • Stadium or Venue Operations

  • Hospitality Services in Sports

  • Youth Sports Organisations

  • Media, Communication & Public Relations

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